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Google Ads Pay Per Click

Google Ads will get you onto the top of page 1 of Google Search Results nearly instantly.
The best part? You only pay when someone clicks on your ad!

The Important Numbers…

The percentage of clicks not replaced by Organic clicks when ads are paused
The number of advertisers using Google Ads
The percentage of users that call businesses directly from Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

  • Select appropriate keywords for your business, services and products and we’ll write ads specifically aimed at reaching your potential customers

  • Customers who search for keywords are looking to buy your products and services, AdWords makes sure you’re at the top of their list

  • AdWords allows you to see exactly how effective your campaign is and make adjustments to improve your account

How does it work?

  • Firstly, we’ll help to establish the best keywords for your products and services based on advanced research, search volumes and consultation with you

  • Next, we’ll go through your website and make sure everything is optimised for AdWords. The better your site is, the cheaper your ads are!

  • Regularly monitoring customer searches and tracking their behaviour on your site, we are able to constantly improve on your campaign, bringing you more leads and saving you money!

  • The best part about Google AdWords PPC is that you can turn it on or off as you please and control your spend down to the last cent


The Price Guide

The Key Points

  • If one of your ads is displayed, it means a new potential customer is looking for your business!
  • You can measure every statistic you can image, from time on each page, to general user interests, devices and much, much more
  • It’s crucial that your AdWords partners are constantly monitoring your account, making sure you’re always paying the least for the maximum number of clicks
  • Get regular reports showing how well your campaign is doing and how many new leads it has generated
  • It’s super cost-effective, Only advertise in certain locations, at certain times, on certain devices at a certain price.
  • It’s instant! Well, nearly. Once we have set up your account and added credit, your ads are ready to go! You could be on Page 1 of Google Search results within 1 hour of contact us!
  • With AdWords, you’re able to turn your ads on and off as you need. If business is slow, increase your daily budget. Then when it becomes too much to handle, you can turn AdWords off for a while
  • Link your AdWords Account with your Website’s Google Analytics account to get optimum control and rich reporting
  • Advertise your specials and seasonal products or services! Because AdWords is near-instant, you can advertise in response to the weather, the day of the year or recent events which you could use to leverage more leads!


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With AdWords, you can advertise your business on YouTube and every Google AdSense site. You can choose what kind of sites you want your ads to show on and you choose how much you want to spend to generate new leads

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