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Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the easiest way to reach more than 13 million South Africans

Engage with your customers and show them your products or services every day

These numbers will make you shiver in your boots…

The number of monthly Facebook users in South Africa in 2016
The number of hours South Africans spend on Social Media on average, per day.
The percentage of businesses which reported that Facebook increased their business in 2016
The number of users who bought a brand after a friend had shared it on Facebook

What is Facebook Advertising?

  • Facebook has many different kinds of adverts for different goals. You can sell your products, run a competition and so much more!

  • Facebook is excellent at helping you to build your brand and understand your target market. You can show your products to the right people, every time

  • Introduce people to your brand so that when they encounter your products, they’ll already know what you’re all about

How does it work?

  • There are two ways to promote your brand or your content on Facebook. The first is to post content and then promote it with a campaign. The other way is to write an ad and set a budget.

  • Increase traffic to your site and improve your Organic Search Rankings by writing blogs and posting them on Facebook

  • You can choose exactly who sees your ads. Their sex, age, interests and much more

  • Your able to connect with potential buyers and showcase your product. This emotional connection makes them much more likely to become actual customers.



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