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What marketing tools bring you leads & generate sales?

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What is your weapon of choice when it comes to generating new sales? Ours is Digital & Social Media Marketing. It costs far less than hiring a useless employee who can't even sell and it actually works!  Hit your exact target audience and advertise where they are actually spending time online. It is cost

31 million people are online in the country.

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That's correct, at the time of writing, 31 million people are online in South Africa. Thats 54% of the republic of SA is online. Stats are taken from January 2019. Social media is being used by more and more South African's every day. The amount of business being generated through various social media platforms

How much time South African’s spend online. Find out here.

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According to a recent report, South African's spend the 6th longest time online of all countries on social media, connected for an average of 8 hours and 25 minutes each day on any device. Connected via computers, South African's are the worlds second biggest internet addicts spending almost 5 hours per day on average

Why your business needs Social Media Management.

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Why you need social media accounts and social media management for your business.More and more people are using social media account such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google Business to find recommendations by asking for them on an open and mostly anticipated to be honest forum which is the internet. If you don't have a social

How to post to instagram from your mac

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Change your Safari Browser to iphone Size & post to Instagram from your Mac. Instagram will only allow you to post from a phone by default. You should set your screen size to be that of a smart phone / tablet / device from which you are able to post to instagram. Open your

How to get people to take action on an instagram post.

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Posting on Instagram if done correctly can generate traffic to your website which in turn can lead to sales enquires. From a business perspective, instagram can get your instagram account and business a significant amount of exposure and an increased number of followers and actions. If you want to get your post seen, make

Advertise where people are looking, it’s a no brainer

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The average South African spends over 8 hours a day online. Our job is to put your business in front of your potential customers online to generate exposure to your brand. We are launching a new Social Media Management service this June which aims at promoting your business where people actually spend a significant