How To Increase Sales

Need help promoting your business? Try doing it online.

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Try advertising your business online, you will be surprised at how many people are looking for a business like yours. Your paths may cross just at the right time. Get a social media presence. Get a website. SEO your website. Send traffic to your website with Google Ads. Contact The Conversion Guru to learn more

What is the Difference Between Organic and Paid Search Results?

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We’re often asked what is difference between Organic and Paid search results. There are quite a few really important differences. We’ll speak about some of them to help you get the big picture… Where they are on the page… Right at the top of the Google Search results page, you have the paid search results.

Top 3 reasons why most business’s fail from a digital perspective

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3 Reasons from a digital perspective on why businesses fail. 1. Failure to spend your marketing budget wisely. Where do you spend your marketing budget? The money you spend to generate sales needs to be spent wisely. Where are you spending your marketing budget. Stop spending your marketing budget on old traditional forms of

If you want to increase your sales do these 10 things

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Get A Website Get A Facebook Business Page Get A Google Plus Business Page Get A Google Adwords account and spend money on advertising on page 1 of Google. Make sure you do monthly SEO work on your website. Make sure you write blog posts on your website to add new fresh relevant, keyword