Outcry over no more manual payments allowed for Google Ads for South Africa

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Manual payments no longer available for new Google Ads accounts for South Africa. To our horror we found out in October that Google are no longer accepting manual payments as a payment method for new Google Ads account for certain countries, South Africa included! See Google's article explaining a recent change to new ads

3 Black Friday sales tips to help you close the deal.

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Black Friday Deals & madness is getting more and more serious these days and people are taking advantage of how to benefit from this online. With Black Friday being one of the busiest sales calendar dates in history, we wanted to share our our sales guide on 3 simple steps to

Another Client Training Session

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Clients can benefit from training so they can do some of the online work themselves. Here we offered training to one of our clients Novus Holdings . Training given was for Google Business, SEO, Wordpress Blogging. Contact us to book your own training sessions.