FIX FOR ERROR: Access from your IP address has been blocked for security reasons. Please contact the administrator.

You may find a lot of suggested fix’s on the internet when Googling this error. We’ve got this fix right here, such errors can be caused by a number of WordPress Plugins and their settings.

This normally occurs when you have a WordPress Security Plugin installed such as is the case with this error with the plugin called All In One WP Security & Firewall

If this plugin is installed and configured, you will need to get someone else to logon from a different computer with your admin logon and to browse to the setting within the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin in the setting ” Locked IP Addresses” and unlock the account / the IP address which is blocked. To find out your IP address, visit our What Is My IP Address help blog post.

The above is set within the security tab of the security plugin under Login Lockdown Options.

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Another excellent WordPress Security Plugin to install is Wordfence.

Unlock IP address for ERROR Access from your IP address has been blocked for security reasons Please contact the administrator