Manual payments no longer available for new Google Ads accounts for South Africa.

To our horror we found out in October that Google are no longer accepting manual payments as a payment method for new Google Ads account for certain countries, South Africa included!

See Google’s article explaining a recent change to new ads accounts now not allowed to opt for manual payments (“top up and pay as you go”)

“The manual payments setting isn’t available for new accounts in the countries listed. If you can’t see this option when signing up, proceed with automatic payments to finish creating your account. Your account can’t be switched to manual payments in these countries.” See Article Reference Here: 

Watch out for Google’s other 2 surprises you probably didn’t know about. Google’s Overdelivery rule may spend up to and even over 100% of your daily budget for your Google Ads campaigns and 15% Vat to be taken out of your top up amounts so you get even less than you expected out of your daily / monthly budget. Read more about them here.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION! It pays to get an agency to run your Google Ads so you don’t get caught in a trap and end up not getting it right.

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