Black Friday Deals & madness is getting more and more serious these days and people are taking advantage of how to benefit from this online.

3 simple steps to sales 1

With Black Friday being one of the busiest sales calendar dates in history, we wanted to share our our sales guide on 3 simple steps to generating sales – or rather how to drastically improve your chances to close a sale, from a fresh lead received from an internet enquiry on your annual Black Friday date.

3 simple steps to sales 2

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If you are intending on running a special via online sales, be sure to know how to improve your chances on closing a lead into a sale. Make sure you come up on Google search results when people search for products & services you sell. This can be done through SEO, Google Ads, Google My Business Listings, Social Media and other online methods.

It’s not rocket science! A customer will typically try to get around 3 quotations before deciding who to buy from. Make sure you at least have a chance of generating a sale by following 3 basic principals.

  1. Initial Response.
    If someone contacts you via email or a contact form on your website, make sure you have an auto responder setup with some kind of response with your contact details. This means they immediately get a response and know who to talk to.
    One step closer to closing the sale!
  2. Phone The Customer Immediately!
    Pick up the phone and phone the customer immediately! They want to talk to you, they have come to you to buy something from you. If you don’t call them, you are not actually that interested in closing the sale and they can feel it within an hour of not having heard from anyone.
  3. Same Day Quote / Invoice.
    Do your best to send the customer the quotation / invoice they are looking for on the same day of the enquiry. The sooner the better your chances of closing the sale.

If you meet the above 3 criteria when receiving a Black Friday Deals sales enquiry / lead.

You need to meet the following to be able to take advantage of online sales enquires.

  1. Get a website, social media accounts, email & smart phone.
  2. Have a digital marketing manager
  3. Discuss your digital sales strategy with your digital manager
  4. Have a monthly marketing budget
  5. Make sure you know how to handle a customer & close a sale.

Black Friday 2019 is on the 29th of November 2019. Be sure to prepare.

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