Google Ads Overdelivery is not what it may seem, find out more before you spend your money on Google Ads Pay Per Click.

Google Ad Campaigns will be able to spend up to twice the average daily budget to “help you reach your advertising goals”, like clicks and conversions.  To us this is a load of nonsense and just completely unfair

If you have a budget of R3000 per month, you want to spend R100 per day, Google may spent up to R200 per day or more as we have personally seen and spend your total budget before even half of the month is over.!!! Ridiculous!. What if you want R100’s worth of exposure per day for 30 days of the month, no you cant even have that.

Further explanation of Google Ads Overdelivery

“On days with high traffic, your costs could be up to 2 times your daily budget. This spending is balanced by days when your spend is below your daily budget. However, for campaigns where you pay for conversions, your daily spend may exceed your average daily budget by more than 2 times. Keep in mind, you won’t be charged more than your monthly charging limit: the average number of days in a month (30.4) multiplied by your average daily budget.”

Follow this link for more detail.

We have been fighting with Google about and demanded to have an OFF button included to stop this, this could take months or years if they even do decide to do this. It is NOT supposed to spend the entire budget before the end of the month but it does spend it sooner so you end up not advertising half the month you thought you were. They can’t give me a straight answer on how to prevent this problem.

For beginners or those who have not been managing Google Ads campaigns for the number of years that we have, they may not even know about this overdelivery problem and never even check yet wonder why ads are not showing for over half the month.

Watch out for Google’s other 2 surprises you probably didn’t know about. Manual payments no longer accepted for new Google Ads accounts and 15% Vat to be taken out of your top up amounts so you get even less than you expected out of your daily / monthly budget. Read more about them here.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION! It pays to get an agency to run your Google Ads so you don’t get caught in a trap and end up not getting it right.

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