Here is a guide on how to fix the error

“The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

Fixing The Error

We have 2 suggested fix’s to this error. Please ensure you have a backup of your site before performing this and ensure you are qualified to make the changes and know what you are doing.

OPTION 1: Increase php memory limits & php version.

Logon to your control panel where your website is hosted.

Login to your PHP Config section of the Cpanel and change your settings to the maximum if they are set too low.

Ensure your php version is up to date with the latest version.

  • Check your Memory Limit. ( memory_limit ) Ensure it is set to the maximum possible.
    Read here for more info & detail
  • Check your ” upload_max_filesize / post_max_size ” setting is set to the maximum possible.
    Read here for more info & detail

We are giving advice, we therefore will not be responsible should your PHP scripts no longer function due to incorrect settings entered in this area or changes made that you are not qualified to make.If you save settings, you confirm that you have understood relevant configuration variables, as well as any possible impact / effects they may have on your scripts. For further detail about any such configuration options you may check the PHP’s online documentation

OPTION 2: Disable / delete recently installed plugins.

You may have recently installed a plugin that is not compatible with your version of WordPress which may be causing this problem. View this video to find out more on how others resolved it using this method. (This did not work to fix our issues with the same error, it may not work for you and it may break your site, be careful)

OPTION 3: Software versions 

Ensure your version of WordPress, Theme and all Plugins are 100% up to date.