We all know Organic is healthy. It is just as healthy for your Website as it is for your body.

Everyone wants to know how to get onto page 1 of Google. To get to the point, to get there you need to constantly work hard on your SEO to improve the organic rankings of your website. This requires on-site SEO, National / Local SEO and regular Off-Site SEO work.

You should start with trying to build inbound links from relevant sources based on your location and where your target audience sits. This is known as a National SEO strategy or Local SEO depending on what your business is about and what you want to achieve.

windguruIn this case, we have submitted a paid listing with Windguru This is a company with a website and a mobile app that achieved huge volumes of traffic to it. They simply report on the wind and the weather and now offer advertising services on their website & app which is now how they generate money.

You need to choose carefully and wisely when deciding who to generate inbound links from. Some of the inbound links will only be active if you pay the company for the link to be live. This is known as a paid link or a paid business directory listing. This listing is therefore temporary and will only remain active if your subscription is paid up.

The on-going building of a successful well SEO’d website requires regular on-site SEO and National / Local SEO work.

You will need to regularly work on your contents keywords, internal links but most importantly inbound links from sources that have high domain authority, high relevant local / national or international traffic and high volumes of regular activity.

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